Product Compliance Regulations Managed With Ease

By Kerri Doyle

Management and traceability of materials used in products, including materials used in supplied components, help you to keep on top of product compliance regulations to stay compliant.

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Product compliance regulations continue to evolve and become more complex, and that is part of the challenge in keeping up with regulations. For example, recent updates to the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive, define different exemption expiration dates, based on the usage of a product.  This adds more complexity to the regulatory validation of your products.

To address this complexity, Teamcenter can help.  In addition to helping you control and trace the material makeup of your products down to the substance level, Teamcenter can also help you manage changing and complex product compliance regulations.  We’ve recently introduced Scope Question support, a comprehensive condition engine within Teamcenter Substance Compliance.

With the new Scope Question support, the user has the opportunity to answer Ruleset (objects in Teamcenter used to grade for compliance against regulations) specific questions to generate a more specific compliance result for products. The Scope Questions which the user answers on a BOM element or a Supplier declaration then drives the thresholds for the individual Substance Groups, or the list of applicable exemptions.

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