🎯 PLM + CRM = customer success

By Jen Groisman

🀝 Siemens and Salesforce partner to revolutionize customer engagement

🎯 Siemens and Salesforce collaborate to integrate PLM and CRM solutions
🎯 Focus on customer-centric servitization, connecting PLM with CRM for comprehensive service lifecycle management

Understand customer needs

βœ… Emphasis on understanding customer needs, supported by the right data and solutions
βœ… Integration of PLM, service lifecycle management, and CRM ensures a thorough understanding of the customer’s story

Manufacturers’ strategy: extending PLM for enhanced efficiency

πŸ”„ Manufacturers extend PLM software to include service lifecycle management capabilities
πŸ”„ Seamless flow of information from product and service engineering to service planning and operations

Synergy of PLM and CRM: elevating service lifecycle management

πŸš€ Combining PLM and CRM software takes service lifecycle management to the next level
πŸš€ Integration of product knowledge with customer data for a personalized user experience

CRM software capabilities: tracking interactions and anticipating needs

πŸ“Š CRM software tracks customer interactions, contracts, warranties and more
πŸ“Š Advanced CRM with AI anticipates customer needs, empowering faster issue resolutions

PLM software benefits: managing crucial product information

πŸ› οΈ PLM software manages product information, including design, engineering, and manufacturing data
πŸ› οΈ IoT integration for predictive maintenance, ensuring assets run efficiently and avoiding downtime

πŸ“± Teamcenter SLM app on Salesforce

The Siemens Teamcenter SLM app on Salesforce is a SaaS cloud app that bridges PLM (Teamcenter) and CRM (Salesforce) together, resulting in service efficiency and revenue opportunities. As shown in the demonstration below, AI from Salesforce’s Einstein GPT capabilities can leverage product and service engineering data pulled from Teamcenter to create knowledge articles that can assist service agents when processing customer issues.

πŸ€– Leverage AI capabilities to create knowledge articles and generate service work plans

Siemens Teamcenter SLM app on Salesforce showing AI capability to assist service agents

Teamcenter SLM + Salesforce = customer-centric servitization

πŸ“ˆ Teamcenter SLM connected with Salesforce enhances service efficiency and revenue opportunities
πŸ“ˆ Generates high-quality leads by aligning service and sales efforts with product design

Siemens learning opportunities: enhancing servitization strategy

πŸ“š Siemens offers a white paper on enhancing servitization strategy with Service Lifecycle Management
πŸ” Find more information about the Teamcenter SLM app on the Salesforce AppExchange

Teamcenter Service

No matter how you choose to deploy Teamcenter,
you get the same proven solutions designed to help you innovate faster.

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