Optimize Your Flexible Environments with Teamcenter

By Katie_Dudek

Industrial washer and machine producer uses Solid Edge and Teamcenter to optimize the order handling process with flexible environments.

Founded in 1999, NOYEN Sp. Z o.o. (NOYEN) specializes in industrial cleaning and designs and provides solutions for enterprises operating mainly in the automotive and aerospace, but also electrotechnical, mechanical, energy and other industries. “The range of products NOYEN offers responds to the full spectrum of our customers’ needs,” says Zbigniew Kurant, president, NOYEN management board. “This means that we do not want to supply only machines or chemicals. We offer a complete solution, starting from physical system components to process analysis, design, training, consultancy, and service.”

To continue the company’s rapid ascent as an industry leader in the marketplace, NOYEN’s management board decided to deploy Solid Edge® software and Teamcenter® software from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

Teamcenter enables multiple users to view and make changes to a project, allowing everyone involved in the order fulfillment process to have access and provide input. Konrad Binienda, head of the design engineering department at NOYEN, says: “The optimization of design data flow between departments is an especially important feature of Siemens solutions. Anyone using the software can quickly and easily see changes, adjustments or current work on a given product. In the design department, this allows you to anticipate problems and eliminate them at the design stage, thanks to an easy preview of current work.” Read on more to learn about the success story of NOYEN


  • Reduce machine design time
  • Streamline document distribution and authorization process

Accelerate customer order process


  • Accelerate customer order process
  • Standardize and modernize methods for creating and archiving design documentation
  • Use simulation to detect production errors at the early design stage


  • Reduced design process time by 30 percent
  • Limited mistakes caused by working on older docs
  • Reduced errors in machine installation and start-up
  • Doubled margin within two years
  • Increased customer satisfaction

“We have many solutions that had to be implemented into the new system or transferred from different software so that after the implementation of Teamcenter and Solid Edge, our design engineers and employees of other departments have an environment that meets all their needs,” says Binienda. “Siemens software is an extremely flexible environment that we have been able to adapt to the specific conditions of our work.”


NOYEN is planning to expand its Siemens software infrastructure by implementing NX™ software in the future. “For us, the deployment of Teamcenter and Solid Edge was a kind of evolution, not a revolution,” says Kurant. “Of course, each change requires a lot of work and time, but our company has been using Siemens products for years and we want them to accompany us through the next stages of NOYEN’s development.”

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