New Teamcenter Website Showcases Breadth and Depth of PLM

With the launch of our new Siemens PLM Software website, the breadth and depth of the Teamcenter PLM portfolio is showcased in more detail than ever before!

Teamcenter PLM_1.jpg

For people new to PLM, the site features two ways to navigate … either by general solution domains (i.e., collaboration for lifecycle management), or by product line (i.e., Teamcenter). Regardless of your entry point, you will find the Teamcenter and collaboration capabilities described in simple terms to help you understand how all the pieces fit together in the most comprehensive PLM portfolio.

Take my product areas, Requirements Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) not only is the value of integrated RM and SE described (Start Integrated, Stay Integrated), but it also provides product details such as requirements capture, closed loop V&V, enterprise model management, product architecture, reliability modeling, and more with case studies. 

The new website also gives us the opportunity to drill deeper into the features that make Teamcenter uniquely adaptable and robust in the PLM Foundation section, which are especially of interest to IT teams and administrators.

  • PLM Deployability – featuring preconfigured and cloud deployment options for fast time-to-production.

  • PLM Extensibility – describing the integrations for Teamcenter with enterprise ERP (SAP, Oracle) and other applications.

  • PLM Scalability – pointing out the elasticity of Teamcenter to scale from small- to large-scale deployments as business needs change and grow.

  • PLM Security – protecting intellectual property with user access requirements and advanced security protocols.

  • PLM Usability – showcasing Active Workspace and the value of a positive user experience to help people get work done.


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