Multi-domain software management featured in webinar with Electric Cloud

By DennisG

Think you don’t care about multi-domain software management?

Last week I took my car in for service and they had to update the engine software. Last night I had to install a new version of software for my phone. Today I read an article on smart manufacturing entitled “A Revolution in the making” that discussed a software-enabled machine that not only drives the factory floor, but also notifies the manufacturing engineer of a problem.

What does all this have in common? They are all products that encompass multiple design domains consisting of mechanical, electrical and software component, or multi-domain software management. In addition, whether it’s the services we use, the products we buy, or the machines that make them, it seems like every product imaginable has some amount of software that needs continuous updating.

Driven by the emerging era of the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Industry 4.0, product development and manufacturing sees tremendous business opportunities alongside new challenges. Therefore the question for manufacturers becomes “How do I effectively design, deliver, service and continuously deliver my products and software updates to the people, organizations and machines that need it?”

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