Materials Data Management and PLM: Your Key to Product Innovation

By Kerri Doyle

As the design of products across industries become more and more complex, companies must enter a new frontier of product innovation to stay competitive.Materials are taking center stage in product development with material discoveries helping to create breakthrough products and change the world we live in. Because materials are such an important factor in products today,materials driven product design and engineering is now key in your path to product success. 

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Material information and how it’s managed can have a profound effect on your product’s lifecycle. Elimination of material data silos, and support for material data consumption throughout the product lifecycle by design, analysis and simulation, compliance and manufacturing can result in significant benefits to manufacturers.

Be sure to catch this on Materials Data Management and PLM to learn more about the importance of managing material data with PLM. You will hear customer testimonies on the benefits of using Teamcenter Integrated Material Management to deliver successful, innovative products.

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The webinar will cover:

  • The importance of materials data management

  • The benefits of validating material use throughout the product lifecycle

  • Best practices for designing innovative products with materials in mind

 For more information on Teamcenter Integrated Material Management, please click here.

About the Blogger:

 Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. She has been in the PLM industry for over 20 years.

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