Integrated Material Management Streamlines Product Development

The best materials used in products can be key to innovation – do you have the right technology in place to manage your material data? Read more to hear about how the right integrated material management (IMM) system can improve your business processes and help you get innovative products out the door, faster.

What do you need for material design and management in an integrated system? Think about all of the phases and functional disciplines across your product lifecycle. Is the right material data getting to the right people? Can you manage the lifecycle of your materials in the same system that you’re managing your products? 

As mentioned in previous articles around materials data management, your material management system must address holistic materials data management in a way that is efficient and will streamline your processes.

In this video, you get a brief overview of how Teamcenter integrated material management makes the right materials available to downstream consumers in the product lifecycle, such as a product designer.

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