Innovative Materials and Oh, the Possibilities!

How are companies approaching the material data management challenge to create innovative materials, and winning products?

What do you get when you cross new material discoveries with technology? Futuristic innovations that until recently, were only dreamed of or seen in sci-fi movies. From flying bikes, to autonomous cars with driverless valet and a pick-up app, to robo-bees that help insects out with their pollination duties, the sky is no longer the limit where these new technologies are taking us. Innovative materials can play a critical role in these achievements.

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As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, innovative materials and how they are managed are an important topic with companies ready to innovate and break previously perceived barriers to technology.This year we will highlight some of our Teamcenter material data management capabilities at the JEC World International Composites Event 2017. With support for integrations to specialized composite engineering software such as Fibersim and other CAx applications, the usage of approved, allowable material composition can be assured.

We will also participate in a full day business process track specific to Materials Data Management at PLM Connections 2017 in Indianapolis this year, May 8 – 11th.

It’s always interesting to hear how different companies are approaching materials management, and this year we will hear from a team of thought leaders to understand how they are tackling material data management processes.Here is a sneak peek at the list of topics that will be covered during the all day track (May 8th):

    • GM’s End to End Material Lifecycle Data Management Process
    • Best Practice/Process for providing Material definitions for downstream consumers
    • Orbital ATK’s Design and Simulation with material management
    • Discussion of Siemens Material Management Vision and Next Steps
    • Material Management Panel/Round Table Discussion (including a panel of Siemens PLM Software customers across industries)
    • GM’s Material Lifecycle Management Process focusing on Substances of Concern
    • How the common material definition supports substances of concern objectives
    • Substances of Concern Panel/ Round Table (including a panel of Siemens PLM Software customers across industries)

It should be a great track and event, I hope you can join us.material data management.pngCompanies that are just on the cutting edge of materials data management will likely find many challenges to address during their journey. Previously perceived boundaries between specialized composite engineering software, CAD systems and PLM systems and tool-imposed restrictions on when and where to handle material decisions can be eliminated with the right technology.Teamcenter integrated material management enables you to tailor your material data management and decision processes without worrying about these traditional boundaries, leading to infinite possibilities.

About the Blogger:

Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. She has been in the PLM industry for over 20 years.

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