Happiness and Teamcenter Supplier Collaboration

By Kerri Doyle

supplier integration software.pngDid you know there are several studies that say you work best and are more productive when you’re happy?A MarketWatch article noted that “A happy, laid-back workplace is more likely to turn a profit.” 

The article goes on to say that when people are in a state of stress, they tend to be less productive.And what causes work related stress? I can think of several examples in the workplace that lead to stress, but the one that stands out for me is technology.Think about the technology you use during your work day to get the job done. Things usually go smoothly when the tool you work with is easy to use and stable. Stress levels can go way up when the tool is not easy to use and clumsy. The same philosophy can also be applied to your suppliers.When suppliers have access to technology that enables them to easily collaborate with you, they will be less stressed and more productive.Why not give them the tools they need to make them happy? 

Teamcenter supplier collaboration provides a secure, and easy to use supplier web browser, where suppliers can receive your requests, and easily respond to them by submitting deliverables to you. Suppliers can also search for information in Teamcenter using self service capabilities, and specify when to be notified when information changes. PLM supplier integration.pngSupplier self service allows suppliers to find the information they need to get the job done

Supplier collaboration supports several use cases, including direct materials sourcing, design data exchange, and supplier program management, and is cloud ready for easy deployment.

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About the Blogger:

Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. She has been in the PLM industry for over 20 years.

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