Global Virtual Teamcenter Software Beta Testing Event

Building a stronger product, together

The virtual Teamcenter software beta testing event for the Spring 2021 release was conducted between April 19th and 23rd, 2021, virtually. We truly appreciate all our customers’ participants for evaluating the latest Teamcenter release and providing their valuable feedback. The event was attended by over 200 participants from 105 companies across the globe, representing industry segments like Aerospace, Automobile, Hi-Tech, Machinery, Healthcare, and Energy.

Beta customers drive product capabilities

The event gives our development team early feedback on the new functionality, usability, and reliability. Our customers gain early hands-on access to the new capabilities, drive the product and interact with the product development teams. Further, the event enables our customers with easy-to-use reference material and insights to plan configurations for their business needs well in advance.

All of the input from beta testers certainly helps us to improve the business value of Teamcenter and Active Workspace further.

Live product demos and business scenarios made a difference

Live product demonstrations with interactive Q&A helped participants to understand the new enhancements and solutions in Teamcenter faster.

The detailed steps and data references in the business scenarios document helped customers to effectively test the solutions and also correlate to their business needs.

Siemens hosts improved the process

A dedicated Siemens representative was to the participants. This arrangement helped by addressing impediments and articulation of customer inputs. Thus, improving the overall beta experience was appreciated by the participants.

Beta helps to build a better product

Software Beta testing helps to build a better product

During the software beta testing week, customer participants spent a total of 1,560 hours of testing and reported 190 + valuable observations along with qualitative inputs on functionality, usability, and reliability.

The resulting 95 enhancement requests laid the groundwork for the future Teamcenter roadmap. Close to 55 observations were acknowledged as software fixes required, most being minor software updates.

Over 150 participants participated in personalized user experience (UX) sessions. Participants were delighted to see the enriched user experience in Active Workspace 5.2 and provided valuable UX feedback.

Teamcenter software beta testing summary

The valuable inputs and feedback received during this event reaffirmed our confidence in the functionality, usability, and reliability of Teamcenter 13.2 and Active Workspace 5.2. With continuous improvements in UX and expanding solutions with ease of use and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), it’s clear that Teamcenter is more powerful than before and positioned to help our customers achieve a higher return on their PLM investment. Thank you for being our valued customers and for your participation in the Teamcenter software beta testing event for 2021!

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