☁️ Enterprise Integration… in the cloud

By Justin DiNunzio

Let’s talk about enterprise integration in the manufacturing world.

So, what is it?

It’s the process of connecting different software systems and apps across a company to improve collaboration, communication, and data sharing. For manufacturers, product lifecycle management (PLM) software is a crucial part of enterprise integration.

Think of PLM as managing a product’s entire life cycle – from conception to retirement.

It’s about ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date product information from the design and manufacturing processes. To achieve this, integration is required with the ERP, CAD and MES applications in the IT landscape. This integration helps to reduce errors and inconsistencies in product development, procurement, and production leading to saving time and money in the long run.

How cloud technology goes hand-in-hand with PLM

Make PLM and other integrated business applications more effective by utilizing cloud technology.


SaaS PLM allows companies to store and access product data in a centralized location, accessible to everyone involved in the product development process. This can help to improve collaboration and streamline communication between different teams, leading to faster innovation and time-to-market. 

With SaaS deployments, the software vendor helps ensure the highest levels of security for your data by providing industry-leading security controls, improved governance and compliance as well as privacy policies with best practices.

Why cloud technology makes sense for you

Effective enterprise integration is being enhanced with cloud technology. 

SaaS applications, such as PLM, are vital for manufacturing companies to improve operations and security, reduce errors and stay competitive in today’s market.

If you’re involved in the manufacturing world, it’s worth considering how PLM and cloud technology can help your business thrive!

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