Overcome medical device regulatory complexity

By Michael Boland

The medical device market is changing. “Smart” technology has gradually permeated the medical device industry. Patient and provider needs are evolving. Regulatory scrutiny is growing. These technology advancements are simultaneously heating up competition and making products more complex.

Additionally, with every technological advancement, design and regulatory compliance become more complex. Regulations such as Unique Device Identifier (UDI) requirements are changing a once familiar landscape.

Generally, digital initiatives can relieve that market and regulatory pressure. But only if they can work synchronously. Approaching product development with the goal of data re-use and concurrent engineering can enable manufacturers with the agility to optimize design and position devices to stand out in the marketplace. On the negative side, collaboration tools are cost prohibitive and time-consuming to implement. For small to medium sized medical device businesses, an expensive new investment needs to work immediately.

Siemens PLM for Medical Devices is the solution

Most important, it combines the full power of Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with cloud scalability. Now medical device companies of any size can get an instant-on, cloud-based PLM system at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, PLM for Medical Devices is an integrated end-to-end product development system. It tackles complexity and regulation through re-use, context capture and collaboration. In other words, manufacturers improve visibility and traceability while reducing costs and compliance risks to produce best in class devices. Integrate across disciplines to drive optimal product functionality. Confidently deliver safe, effective and compliant products as demands change.

See for yourself!

Pretty cool right? Click below to take a test drive of the solution!

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