Direct Materials Sourcing and PLM for Successful Products

By Kerri Doyle

Streamlined supplier integration into the product lifecycle is a key pillar to successful products. Choosing the right suppliers, and having visibility into supplier processes is critical to effective supplier integration. Industry leaders integrate direct materials sourcing into their PLM processes to achieve their cost objectives and market success.

It’s important to find the right supplier sourcing solution that can integrate early-on with PLM from design processes, and later into manufacturing processes. Mercury Marine, the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational marine propulsion engines, includes Teamcenter Direct Materials Sourcing in their overall PLM strategy. 

Lateef Khan, General Manager of Mercury Digital Services notes, “Strategically, an integrated solution from the design to manufacturing elements, through our global operations and suppliers, using Teamcenter, is what made the difference in our selection process.” 

In this infographic, we see how Siemens PLM Software customer Mercury Marine addressed their supplier integration challenges with Direct Materials Sourcing, and came out ahead with reduced new product introduction costs, reduced sourcing cycle times, and increased product leadership.



For more information, see the Mercury Marine case study or visit our Direct Materials Sourcing web page.

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Kerri Doyle is a Siemens PLM Software product marketing manager for Teamcenter Cloud, Product Sustainability, Materials Management, Quality and Supplier Integration solutions. She has been in the PLM industry for more than 20 years.


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