Active Workspace 4.1 for BOMs and Product Structures

By Mark Heinrich


As Joe Bohman, our executive leader said recently at PLM Europe, “We’re all in on Active Workspace”.When the conference attendees heard that, the results of that commitment turned abundant attendance in our sessions.We are moving at a quick tempo and we have more Active Workspace updates than we could possibly present in two hours.Whatever was on your wish list, we deliver with Active Workspace 4.1.  

 To give you a taste of what’s new, let me tell you about some specific features in my product area of BOM and product structure management. To address the needs of customers in the electronics and semiconductor industries, we’ve extended our structure change capabilities to support the collaboration of change proposals with BOM markups. We’ve also installed an update to efficiently respond to the dynamic update of standard parts across many products common to Electronics and Semiconductor (E&SC) and other industries. The mass update structure capabilities, when added to Engineering Change, provide a concise impact analysis and update automation across many products.

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Beyond the functional improvements, we know how important it is to be efficient and successful using Active Workspace.We’ve made the user experience top priority to bring structures in Active Workspace to a new level.By listening to feedback and watching real users use Active Workspace, we have incorporated their feedback into restyling of the client.There is now more information to help the user understand their content and bring interaction closer to the data.To illustrate, with configuration information in the header, the user always has that information directly available and can interact with each element directly.


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We hope you enjoy what we have wrapped up for you in our 4.1 release of Active Workspace…and we’ll be watching your comments and working on your wish list for next year!

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