Rapid and Intelligent Diagrams for Electrical Wiring Design

By Anthony Johnson

Developing electrical systems is not as simple as plugging in a wire here and adding a connector there – engineers design these systems to meet specific requirements. Wires must be sized to satisfy power needs and network demands while maintaining signal integrity. Components and connectors must comply with industry standards and regulations.

Once an engineer finishes the electrical design, the systems must be routed through the mechanical product, which requires close coordination with mechanical engineers to ensure that wires fall within necessary length specifications. Developing these systems is a constrained, exceedingly collaborative, and highly iterative process.

During our next live webinar Providing Rapid & Intelligent Diagrams for Electrical Wiring Design on January 29, Solid Edge experts will demonstrate industry-proven tools that help you simulate and verify electrical behavior as you create a design using Solid Edge Wiring Design.

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Rapid, Intuitive Electrical Circuit Design with Solid Edge

In a world of ever-increasing electrical complexity, being able to accurately document and design your entire product from start to finish has become a real challenge. Non-intelligent drawing tools and spreadsheets are no longer enough to keep track of the electrical aspects of designs. Companies now need a smart electrical design environment — an environment that can validate and provide automation as you proceed.

Solid Edge Wiring Design is a graphical authoring environment that creates wiring diagrams via an intuitive user interface and built-in intelligent libraries of electrical symbols, components, and simulation models. Users are provided with a starter library of 4000+ common industrial parts.

Simulation features highlight design challenges, such as short and open circuits, voltage drop, fusing, and wire sizing errors. Additionally, Solid Edge automates standards-based diagram generation and cross-referencing for multi-sheet schematics, and automatically generates reports for wires, connectors and devices used in a design.

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