Solid Edge helps Limbic Life develop a VR-enabled chair

By Anthony Johnson

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, Limbic Life develops and distributes the Limbic Chair for weightless sitting and freedom of movement. Motion sensors in the chair provide its user with precise control of virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR) and other applications for gaming, medical diagnostics, and engineering. Dr. Patrik Künzler, the director and founder of Limbic Life, created his company soon after his time at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory, when he returned to Zurich. “The principle of form follows function originated in the 20th century,” says Künzler. “Today, we develop products that are fun, healthy and useful based on neuroscience and medicine.”

The Limbic Chair is the result of years of work based on experience and insight. Over 200 customers worldwide own one or more of the custom-made models, which are recognized as remedies by select health insurance companies. The chair is currently being redesigned for mass production to offer its benefits to a larger audience.

Why Solid Edge?

Limbic Life has consistently deployed Solid Edge, as well as other solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software, to advance the Limbic Chair from the individual production stage to series production. Solid Edge has made that goal a reality, allowing the company to develop a shell shape made of carbon fibers suitable for all users. In the near future, the seat shells will simply be injection-molded from plastic.

Limibic Life manages all project-related data in Teamcenter, partly in the background while designing in Solid Edge. The Solid Edge integration with Teamcenter enables hassle-free data management, including approvals, design and production parts lists, change management, and version statuses to be mapped across multiple locations. With this infrastructure, the Limbic Chair is expected to be ready for series production this year. With series production, they’ll give more people the chance to sit in a healthy and relaxed way, where movement is more fun than ever.

For more information about Solid Edge and its capabilities for augmented and virtual reality across a wide range of applications, visit our website. You can also read/download the full Limbic Life customer story here.

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