Fun Stuff at Solid Edge University

seu15.jpgIf you’re still riding the fence about signing up for Solid Edge University 2015 in Cincinnati, OH, October 26-28, here are a few things that are going to happen there that you might enjoy:

  1. Certification. Along with your entry to SEU, you get a free certification test, valued at $99, taken at the event. A number of people got certified last year.

  2. designbetterchallenge.jpgDesign Better Challenge. We give you some combination of a drawing, an assembly and some parts, and you create the model, put it into the assembly, and then make some changes. Do it the fastest for prizes and bragging rights.

  3. Community Time. At lunch, there will be an area with a Community banner where community members can sit together and meet face to face

  4. Off-site event. More details later, but it will be called “Get Your Game On”.

  5. User Council. For those involved with the user council, we will be meeting, details to come.

And there are still special discounts you can get in on:

  1. $100 for joining the community. You can get $100 off of entry into SEU15 if you become a new member of our on-line community.

  2. 3 for the price of 2. Get a couple of friends to come with you from the same company, and you can all save some money.

  3. Early Bird 2. Save $50 up until September 28.

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