Experience the latest in mouse technology at SEU16 – and how to win a SpaceMouse Enterprise!

By DavidChadwick

2hands.jpgUsing 2 hands – and 2 mice can speed your design work!

Imagine going through your day with one hand tied behind your back.  Think of all the things you do on a daily basis for which you use two hands. Getting dressed, making a cup of coffee, driving, all things we do every day, and all activities that are easier to complete using both of our hands. 

So why would any engineer or designer settle for a one handed approach to their design day?  The good news is, they don’t have to and 3Dconnexion will be demonstrating their solution at SEU16! Their newly launched SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit contains a 3D mouse and a 2D mouse specifically designed for those who design in CAD every day.

SpaceMouse Enterprise is 3Dconnexion’s most advanced 3D mouse ever, you can instantly focus on the active task and experiencereal-time interaction with your 3D models in Solid Edge. Featuring the familiar 3Dconnexion 6 degrees of freedom controller, a highly ergonomic design, and significant productivity enhancers such as custom view keys and programmable keys, 3Dconnexion describes the SpaceMouse Enterprise as “the pinnacle of technology for CAD users”. And right now you have a great opportunity to win a SpaceMouse Enterpise as this is one of the prizes for our current rendering competion.

spacemouse cadmouse.jpgTry out the SpaceMouse Enterprise and CadMouse at SEU16

 A simpler companion to the SpaceMouse is the CadMouse which helps to eleminate repetitive mouse wheel clicking and has excellent precision and comfort thanks to an advanced laser sensor and dedicated middle mouse button. CadMouse also sports productivity features such as a full sized middle mouse button and a Smart Scroll wheel as well as features designed specifically for CAD users such as QuickZoom, which zooms to your point of interest with a single click, or an environment-specific radial menu so you can easily access your favorite commands. I also like how 3dconnexion has a dedicated web page for Solid Edge users.

The two handed design work style offers a multitude of benefits including, greater comfort and control while designing in your CAD environment.  Using two hands while designing in CAD also allows you to navigate around the model while interacting with the software, allowing you to decrease the time required to finish certain design tasks.3Dconnexion will be demonstrating their latest mice at our Solid Edge University event in Indianapolis in October, stop by their booth and try them out for yourself!

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