Come, meet FloTHERM/VENT/EFD users, learn and enjoy!

As a FloTHERM, FloVENT or FloEFD user you might not realise it but you are part of a global and growing user community. This year we are hosting 3 ‘U2U’ (user to user) meetings in Germany, France and the UK. This is a golden opportunity for you to meet other users, hear about our exciting new products, see fascinating keynote and user presentations, learn advanced software tips and tricks, have some fun and take the opportunity to beat-up on your simulation software product manager…

The following U2U images will take you to the relevant registration pages. If you would consider presenting a technical paper hopefully the chance to win an iPad-2 for best paper will entice you to submit an abstract to Nazita Saye (, communications and field marketing manager and fellow blogger.

The events last two days with what I’m sure will be a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the evening. Hopefully I’ll see you there. If so, remember to ask me the one about the horse that walked into a bar…..

28th June 2011, Nottingham.


2 thoughts about “Come, meet FloTHERM/VENT/EFD users, learn and enjoy!
  • Robin,
    I know a nice lady who sells the underfloor heating system. I might be able to get info from her if you wish.
    Also I have taken voluntary redundancy from Selex, Luton, and am looking for another job. One with Flotherm would be nice – any ideas welcome!! All the best, David Marshall.

    • All the best Dave, best advice is to keep an eye on job section. Most thermal engineering jobs nowadays require FloTHERM experience, a good search phrase in whatever job seeking site you use!

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