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Welcome along!

By Robin Bornoff

Hello and welcome along!

I was told that if you blog about something that interests you then there’s a good chance it will interest others.  Well, we’ll see about that! Mrs. B often glazes over when I speak until certain keywords are mentioned, e.g. shopping, wine. Here’s hoping that the themes and threads I’ll cover over the coming weeks and months won’t be too soporific.

As I’m sure isn’t customary with blogs, let me start with a Haiku:

Welcome to my blog

Spring is a good time to start –

Is winter here yet?

Alternative blog kick-off contributions are welcome.

There are loads of topics I’m looking forward to covering, some to do with the more esoteric aspects of numerical simulation, many will focus on FloTHERM and electronics cooling, a few will digress into CFD generally and, during quiet times, I’ll wander off into fractals, non-linear dynamics and cider making. And if that lot hasn’t put you off already then there’s hope for this blog yet.

Robin Bornoff


May 11th 2009

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