Webinar-Intro to Femap API Programming

By msivic


In this Webinar, Eric Gustafson will walk through getting up and running with FEMAP API programming. Experience programming in Microsoft Excel, MATLAB, or other engineering programming languages is easily extensible to programming with FEMAP. The usefulness of FEMAP can be greatly extended with API programming. Custom user-written programs can also reduce modeling time and effort permitting faster analysis and decision making. Attend this webinar to see first hand how quickly custom programs may be created in FEMAP.

FEMAP is a CAD and solver-neutral advanced engineering environment developed by Siemens PLM. It can be used to model systems across various industries, and perform engineering analyses for structural, heat conductivity, and fluid flow problems.

Eric is a Femap expert and full time structural engineer for SDA. He holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech. He has accrued years of experience in Femap on projects working the primary structure of various small, medium, and large UAVs in addition to the current NASA Orion spacecraft program. Eric’s past experience has spanned design, analysis, and manufacturing. His structural focus has been applications of composites in primary structure. Eric is also the author of the new book, “Learning Femap”.

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