Sneak preview: New application software announced for LMS Soundbrush

Even better acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization with new, easy-to-use app.

As most of you know already, LMS Soundbrush is the only 3D, real-time testing solution that combines 3D sound intensity with sound source localization. These capabilities make it a unique solution for accurate, fast and intuitive acoustic troubleshooting that allows you to visualize exactly what you hear. The acoustic troubleshooting solution provides detailed, immediate results for easy identification of noise sources including sound intensity values, sound propagation directions and sound power values. The automatic position detection and the real-time visualization of the 3D sound field make LMS Soundbrush a unique tool.


What you probably don’t know is that LMS Soundbrush is about to improve its user-friendly, easy setup and plug-and-play features by adding an app to solve specific acoustic problems like CAT acoustics.

CAT acoustics is a relatively new field of research represented by a consortium of industry and university experts from around the globe. Current members include representatives from University Limburg, the Wisconsin Institute of Technology, the SPL School of Engineering, Liege College and the Technical University of Lyon in France. Members of the CAT acoustic consortium are raving about how the new LMS Soundbrush app will revolutionize this niche-market field.

You can imagine how thrilled we were to hear that LMS Soundbrush will be able to work with CAT acoustics. Honestly, we weren’t aiming at this particular field in particular, but we were happy to hear that researchers were able to use LMS Soundbrush creatively to improve their understanding of those complex non-linear issues associated with CAT acoustics. We are hoping to develop techniques for other members of the animal kingdom as well,” concludes consortium member and CAT acoustics specialist Kan Yu Miaow.

If you are still reading this in good faith, you have just experienced what is known as…April Fools’ Day. Gotcha!


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