Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight

By Koen De Langhe

sener3.PNGSome of you who have flown a turboprop in the past probably remember the really bumpy turbulence and the deafening noise. Well, there is good news. In-cabin comfort in turboprops is changing for the better thanks to SENER, a European aerospace engineering firm.

First, there is the eco-fact that turboprop engines offer up to a 30 percent reduction in fuel consumption Sener1.PNGcompared to turbofan engines. And thanks to some pretty revolutionary work by Pierre Huguenet, a noise and vibration engineer at SENER, there’s a new generation of turboprop airplanes that have just gotten a whole lot quieter.

SENER specializes in solving vibro-acoustic problems by using LMS Virtual.Lab software from Siemens PLM Software to reduce cabin noise in turboprops.The team enhances passenger comfort by reducing cabin noise as well. To do this, they use LMS Virtual.Lab to predict the noise transmission from the turboprop to the aircraft’s cabin. The trick is really to find the right balance between vibro-acoustic countermeasures and the overall design of the aircraft.

Read all about the technical details regarding how SENER uses LMS Virtual.Lab software

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