Simulation Software Future: Cloud & More

By Amy Reyes

Simulation Software Roundtable.pngSimulation software experts joined NASA Tech Briefs for a roundtable on the future of CAE and hot trends going forward in 2015. So what’s going to have the biggest impact on simulation software? 3D printing, cloud, multiphysics, and simulation data management. 

Siemens PLM Software Senior VP Jim Rusk weighed in on the discussion.

Let’s take a closer look at each factor…

3D Printing: This is changing the product development lifecycle, opening up new possibilities for early and rapid prototyping. You can now print a 3D prototype right from your computer. As a result, simulation and analysis are more important than ever now. After all, you have to make sure that final product is going to function properly, right?

Cloud: While there are still some major kinks to work out with this one (namely security), cloud is one of the most talked about topics in the simulation world, and for good reason. It opens up companies and users to simulation and analysis in a way not previously possible. As Jim Rusk said, “It’s an important, emerging way for our customers to access the power of CAE.” The cloud also equates to more power, which means finer meshes and higher detail in simulations.

Multiphysics: This one is user-driven. More and more engineers look to simulation software to provide extensive multiphysics capabilities to solve larger, more complex problems. Siemens PLM rises to meet this challenge with the latest version of NX Simulation software, NX CAE 10. It features a new multiphysics environment capable of 1-way and 2-way thermo-coupling, a must for the aerospace industry. Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s post where I will delve further into this and share a video that shows you what’s new!

Simulation Data Management: I have written before on the importance of data management within simulation software. As NASA Tech Briefs states, this continues to be a bottleneck for most. As simulation software expands in power and capability, the results engineers get from simulations tend to be quite large and complex. Thus, the issue is one of both managing large amounts of data and also people to process those results. This is an area where improvement is needed. NX CAE offers a simulation data management system built in.

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