Simulation and Verification Solutions for Industrial Machinery

By Amy Reyes

simulation and verification.jpgSimulation and verification solutions help you optimize products to make them better, stronger, and last longer. 

Balancing performance with cost and increasing machinery complexity is a challenge that all industrial machinery manufacturers face. Whether it’s plastic molding equipment or a robot on an assembly line, development cycles continue to get shorter, while the need to deliver increasingly complex products to global markets entails more effort and risk.

Industrial machinery engineering teams recognize computer-aided engineering (CAE) as a key enabler to achieving stringent performance and schedule targets for new programs. However, traditional, disconnected CAE tools and processes pose a challenge to analyzing increasing product complexity and competitive pressures. A modern, integrated simulation environment can help you minimize the effort and risk in today’s industrial machinery industry. But what should you look for in such a CAE solution?

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Discover how NX™ CAE’s modern simulation environment can shorten your product development cycles so that you can make smarter decisions and build better products through capabilities such as:

  • An integrated environment for CAD and CAE that speeds up design-analysis cycles.

  • Fully integrated solutions for structural, thermal, flow, motion, multi-physics, optimization, simulation data management, and simulation-driven design that streamline simulation processes and solve more complex phenomena.

  • Systems level modeling and simulation to evaluate performance of whole systems.

  • Simulation data management to capture knowledge and make it available for re-use by engineers at a later date.

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