Most of the US military active fleet carries electronics qualified by TEN TECH LLC using NX CAE


Over the years, our structural dynamics and thermal analysis Subject Matter Experts have participated in the development, design and qualification of dozens of airborne electronics systems. Essential to this qualification is the accurate prediction by analysis of the system performance under harsh environmental conditions such as shock, vibration and extreme temperatures, including structural safety margins, bolted joint calculations as well as low-cycle and high-cycle fatigue life estimates.

TEN TECH LLC uses NX CAE and NX NASTRAN.pngAs we are mainly dealing with complete systems, the creation of detailed Finite Element Models directly from 3D CAD Assemblies is making full use of a certain number of best-in-class tools found in NX Advanced Simulation:

  • Strong Translators & Geometry Cleaning Routines: A typical airborne electronics chassis contains in excess of 2,000 parts. Thanks to NX’s strong translators and automatic geometry cleaning routines, CAD data and product structure are preserved and directly useable for downstream CAE purposes.

  • Synchronous Modeling: Part simplification and modification of the geometry for meshing purposes is done by directly interacting with the actual geometry, without the need for feature modification.

  • Assembly FEM (AFEM): System-level Finite Element Models are easily built directly from the original CAD assembly, mapping multiple instances of the same FEM in one operation. Multiple configurations and arrangements of the AFEM can be created by simply modifying the CAD model.

  • Automated Bolt Connections and Glue Joints allow for the accurate modeling of welded or brazed interfaces and fastener connections. 

The typical Finite Element System Models built at TEN TECH LLC for dynamics analysis purposes are in excess of 4M Degrees Of Freedom.

Modal Analysis as well as Shock and Random Vibration Modal Response are performed using NX Nastran. The tight integration of NX Advanced Simulation and NX Nastran allows for the creation of complete NX Nastran decks that can be run directly from NX Advanced Simulation, without any external interaction with the bulk data deck.

Given our level of involvement in the qualification of military airborne electronics systems, most military airplanes, helicopters and UAVs in service carry on board electronics system that have been certified by TEN TECH LLC using NX Advanced Simulation & NX Nastran.

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