Mega-mining trucks made easy

By Jenn Schlegel

This story is a classic and for many reasons. One reason is just the pure engineering brilliance behind designing something like Liebherr’s T 282 C. As an engineer, you have to create something incredibly durable that can handle long hours and some of the most remote and roughest terrain on the planet while taking into consideration mega-payloads, mostly dirt and rocks, exceeding the 363,000 kilogram range.

The second reason this story is a classic is the quotes. As an editor, when you have a topic like this and a customer, like Dr. Pokras, who is so enthusiastic, it is practically impossible to craft a dull case study. Dr. Pokras says it himself in the story, “It’s like driving a two-story house”.

And the third reason is the product itself. One of Liebherr’s flagship products, this giant mining truck has a load capacity of 363 metric tons (equivalent to the weight of more than 210 minivans), it is 8.3 meters high and 15.7 meters long, runs on a set of six 4-meter tires and is powered by a 3,750-horsepower diesel engine. In other words, it is not big. It is monstrous.


I am still waiting for a chance to stand next to one, preferably in some remote mine in Australia or South Africa. But for now, we’ll have to settle for reading more about how mining equipment manufacturer Liebherr counts on LMS Virtual.Lab to get a tough job done right.

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