Mark Sherman on Femap 11.2 and analysis studies

By John Fox

I recently attended the Femap Symposium in Washington DC at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum — a perfect venue for a Femap user event. I had a chance to catch up with Mark Sherman, head of Femap development, who was a speaker at the event. In the video below, Mark talks about our development process, our latest release — Femap 11.2 — and how something we call “analysis studies” can help you organize your FEA data, reduce complexity, and save time. 

Analysis studies are a handy way to organize output data and make it easier to find and operate on output sets — for example, generating results envelopes based on a variety load sets.  If you want to learn more about Femap 11.2 analysis studies, take a look at this short demo that Al Robertson recorded:

Attending a Femap Symposium is a great way for Femap users to learn new FEA tips and techniques like these from the experts — members of our development team and some of our best customers, like Structural Design and Analysis, Orbital ATK, and Cardinal Engineering.

It’s not too late to register for a Femap Symposium event.  Upcoming events include:

As Mark mentioned, Femap 11.2 is now available in a free trial.

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