Get the Most Out of Your CAE Software

CAE software training 3.jpgCAE software proficiency is within your reach thanks to training from Siemens PLM Software.

Perhaps you, like many people, associate training with week-long courses that require travel to attend, but training doesn’t have to mean time away from work. We offer a variety of online sessions, and we can even bring the training to you with on-site courses.

If instructor-led training isn’t for you, we have self-paced options available as well. Not everyone learns and retains information the same way, so why should we teach that way? Siemens strives to accommodate all styles of learning with a variety of courses designed to suit any skill level or need.

Our courses have a 99% approval rating of satisfied and highly satisfied customers, based on surveys given at the end of each course dating back to 2010. 

We offer three different types of training courses, each with their own benefits:

  • Learning Advantage – Self-paced courses allow you to start and resume training at your leisure. You can take the courses from the comfort of your home or office. All that’s required is an internet browser. These classes are usually half an hour (30 minutes) in length.

  • LIVE! Online Vignettes – Intrstructor-led courses you attend online in real-time. The virtual classroom allows you to ask questions, follow along with the instructor, and share your own application if you run into trouble. It’s the best of both worlds if you crave a classroom setting with a real person guiding you, but don’t want to travel outside your home office. Vignettes are a great option if you need to gain skills in a particular feature or functionality of NX.

  • Center-based Training – Instructor-led courses provide you with hands-on training in a classroom setting. We keep class sizes small to ensure you receive the attention you deserve. There are a variety of dates and locations throughout the U.S. and even the world. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with one, two, three, four and five day programs.

Here is a sampling of courses you can take to increase your proficiency with NX CAE software:

  • CAE software training 2.jpgModeling Internal Flow – Learn how to create and mesh fluid volumes, define flow boundary conditions and more, as well as post process flow results. Time: 30-40 minutes Type: Self-paced

  • Tetrahedral Meshing Techniques – Learn how to create a 3D tetrahedral mesh and use a 2D mesh to control local element size and distribution areas of interest. Time: 10-15 minutes Type: Self-paced

  • NX Advanced Simulation Processes and Solutions – Learn how to perform finite element analysis in NX. You’ll learn how to generate meshes, define materials, apply boundary conditions, solve, and review analysis results. Offered both as a LIVE! Online course (4 hours/day for 10 days) or a 5 day training center course. Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

  • NX Advanced Thermal and Flow Analysis – Learn how to model heat transfer, radiation and 3D fluid flow problems. You’ll learn how to apply advanced thermal and flow boundary conditions, as well as how to incorporate comprehensive radiation modeling including solar and radiative heating, fully coupled with thermal and fluid flow analysis. Offered as a 2 day training center course. Skill Level: Intermediate

  • NX Advanced Flow Simulation – Learn how to model 3D fluid flow problems in NX, including how to apply advanced flow boundary conditions. Offered as a 2 day training center course. Skill Level: Advanced

Have you taken one of our training courses before? If so, tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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