FEMAP Entity Selection Tips / Tricks

By DNadeau

FEMAP Entity Selection Tips / Tricks

Not so long ago,  I was learning how to use and support FEMAP. I have had great mentors who have showed me the ins and outs and along the way presented some great tips/tricks.  As I began teaching FEMAP classes, a lot of the techniques I had learned previously came through in great colors. I have presented many of these tips and tricks to my students and through various lunch and learn meetings.  I am going to list a few tips and tricks pertaining to the selection filter in FEMAP below.

 Using the Entity Selection:

1. Pick by faces – (useful when selecting items when there is no geometry present)

a. Selecting this option will bring up another selection box reads “Limit Faces to select”  –  With the element selection you are grabbing a collection of elements that somewhere inside are the elements you would like to pick

b. Face selection box will appear – Most of the time I will use the adjacent faces command and select an element on that face to let it propagate the other adjacent faces based on the specified tolerance

2. Ctrl+Z for added selection box  (Be careful Ctrl+Z outside of the selection box is the command for undo)

a. Pressing Ctrl+Z in a selection box that does not include all the methods you prefer will bring up another selection box with more options.

Tips and Tricks selector filter 1.JPG

3. Vectors in entity selection

a. When I am specifying a vector I will often use the same point/node location for both the base and the tip.  For the second selection I will add or subtract a numerical value to a coordinate location in the direction I prefer.

Tips and Tricks selector filter 2.png

4. Add connected fillets – very useful for feature removal with many connected fillets.

a. Select a filet in a corner first then change the pick option to “add connected fillets” I recommend using the highlighter function afterwards and confirming the selection.

5. Sort cut keys for Pick methods – instead of changing the pick method to a selection below we can use the shortcut keys to select our entities.

a. Pick by box – Crtl +right mouse button

b. Pick by circle – Shift + right mouse button

c. Pick by polygon – Ctrl + Shift + right mouse button

Dan Nadeau


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