FEMAP App Automates Margin of Safety and Report Writing

FEMAP is great for building and running a Finite Element Model (FEM). When the model is completed, we have forces, moments, and stress results, so we need to calculate the margin of safety.  For beams and plates, there might be some buckling equations to check, or you might have some AISC codes to verify against.  There could be welds to analyze and Fatigue calculations to make.  And, then you have to write up a report to document the analysis.  SDC Verifier is an application that works with FEMAP to automate this process.

Femap App SDC Verifier

SDC Verifier has model recognition tools to help find joints, beam member length, plate dimensions and welds.  There are predefined standards including ANSI/AISC 3601-1, API 2A RP, DIN 15018, Plate Buckling ABS 2006 and DNV standards.  You can also create custom standards based on user defined rules.

Load Combinations can be created and managed inside SDC Verifier from combinations of individual loads.  You can also create loads groups and load sets, including importing data from Microsoft Excel.

There are two fatigue methods in SDC Verifier, the stress difference method and the stress difference method with mean stress correction (Smith Correction).  The weld finder tool can help set the weld type, and then the fatigue results can be found for all elements and all loading conditions.

A full report wizard is available to automate the process of report generation, reducing time and expense.  A report designer is available to help design the report type, and then that can be reused for future analysis runs, or even different models.  The reports can contain model information, results, and any number of model views to help visualize the model.

SDC Verifier is a great tool to help automate the full analysis process.  It will work with any solver that FEMAP supports, and can run as a pane inside FEMAP or in a standalone window.  Contact Saratech if you would like more information on SDC Verifier.

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