What's New and Noteworthy in Polarion QA

By struykR

Manage All Your Testing Needs With a Single Solution!

Polarion QA is a solution designed to provide a highly effective, transparent protection of quality integrity for your projects – in a familiar environment that you won’t have to relearn.A jump to the unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is always seamless.

Using Polarion QA provides secure access from any connected device, allowing users to share test documents.  In addition, it’s possible to easily streamline communications between development and QA with a customizable workflow able to trigger user alerts, email notifications, subscriptions and so much more.

We recently had several notable enhancements to Polarion QA, the completely unified, browser-based platform used for managing your entire testing ecosystem.

Parameterized Testing

The great new release of Polarion QA features the addition of Parameterized Testing, a much-requested feature by many of our customers.Test Parameters can be inserted into Test Steps enabling the same Test Case to be executed multiple times with variations in the test procedure. Test Parameters can be saved to a central library and reused by Test Case authors and test planners. Not to mention, you can now use an infinite number of variables in your testing.

  1. Test Case Reusability

Manual testing procedures can be reused, allowing you to save time and effort by automating your standard Test Case.You don’t have to write anything over from scratch – instead, Test Cases can be used for repetitive work items.

You’re able to have the same Test Case being executed several times with different values replacing the parameters during test execution.

  1. Execute Multiple Test Case Iterations

A single Test Case can be planned to be executed multiple times in a Test Run. The planning sidebar lets you plan multiple test case iterations, each with its own set of Test Parameter values.This increases test productivity without rewriting your entire Test Case for every scenario you would like to run.

When executing a Test Case, testers see the multiple Iterations with the previously defined parameter values:

  1. Store Complete Test Parameters
    When adding a new Test Parameter to the test procedure, you can optionally add it to the Test Parameters Library for future reuse.


It’s worth highlighting the recent enhancement of the integration between Polarion and HP ALM:when you integrate our solutions with HP ALM, you’re now able to synchronize HP ALM Projects that are under version control.Enjoy all the benefits of Polarion software while still maintaining your existing HP ALM projects and artifacts.

Many of our customers use this integration as part of their migration strategy to move from legacy HP’s ALM product to Polarion’s modern browser-based unified solution.  It’s available here.

Final Thoughts

Explore all the benefits of using Polarion QA for managing every testing related activity on our QA page.

If you have questions related to the new Polarion QA product, please feel free to contact your Polarion technical support representative.

As always, we welcome input and feedback from customers currently using our solutions.Many of the improvements and enhancements we make are the direct result of you sharing ideas for features you’d like to see.

Enjoy Polarion QA!

Regg Struyk
QA Product Manager

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