Webinar: 7 Things to Remember as you Move to Enterprise Agile

Organizations now face even tougher competition, forcing enterprise developers to rapidly create – and support – innovative software. Following the agile methodology provides better software at a faster pace, but embracing Enterprise Agile can be an extremely difficult process. To learn more, we invite you to an upcoming webinar hosted by Jiri Walek, Vice President of Product Management of Polarion Software.

Using Polarion Software for Enterprise Agile helps offer full traceability, baselining and versioning, flexible live reporting, increased collaboration, and more. When looking for an Enterprise Agile toolset, organizations should look for a tool that covers many disciplines able to incrementally support practices and processes; flexible enough to embrace process improvements; and a toolset able to embed process knowledge – while driving users through the process. Making the move to Enterprise Agile likely is a difficult challenge, but Polarion Software can help make increasingly complex processes easier.

To learn more ahead of the webinar, we invite you to read a recent white paper: “7 Lessons Learned in Agile That We Should Not Forget When Moving into Enterprise Agile.”


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