Updating to Polarion 2013 Test Steps

If you’re updating Polarion ALM or Polarion QA from version prior to 2012 SR3to Polarion 2013 SR1, there is a quick migration you need your administrator to perform so that Polarion 2013 Test Steps enhancements will be enabled. While it’s mentioned in the Help, we’ve heard that people are missing it, so let me call attention to it here.

There’s a special PDF guide available that covers Test Steps Migration:



Q: Who should perform Test Steps migration?
A: Customers  currently using Polarion ALM or Polarion QA version 2012 SR2, and who are updating to version 2013.
Customers currently using Polarion ALM or Polarion QA version 2013, and who are updating to version 2013-SR1.

Q: We have not used the Test Steps feature with our current version. Do we need to perform the Test Steps migration?
A: No. You need to migrate only if you used the Test Steps introduced in Polarion 2012-SR1, where Test Steps are stored in a dedicated field rather than in the Work Item Description field. The migration is needed only if you want to take advantage ofeasier use made possible by the new Test Steps. You could opt to keep using the old Test Steps stored in Description. You can perform the migration any time. You can also migrate just selected projects.

Q: When should we perform Test Steps migration?
A: Migrate the Test Steps after completing the update to version 2013-SR1 and restarting the server.

Q: Do we need to do this for a new/clean Polarion installation?
A: No. It’s only needed if you are updating an existing version 2012 installation.

If you have more questions or need more information after downloading the guide, please contact Polarion Technical Support.

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