Top 5 Reasons You Need Requirements Management

The use of requirements management software helps aid process and organization changes, improving quality, governance and audit-ability of projects.

Using Polarion REQUIREMENTS is a valuable tool to track assets from requirements through product deployment.Unlock synergies across disparate development teams.Empower your organization to easily gather, author, approve and manage requirements for complex systems at every point throughout the project lifecycle.

To help you learn more about the benefits of requirements management, including driving innovation and cost efficiency, Polarion software would like to invite you to download the following webinar, “Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Polarion RM.”

Jiri Walek, VP of Product Management at Polarion, hosted the webinar which is now available on-demand (please click on the banner):

RM update
Here is the agenda for the webinar:

  • Ease and access of concurrent editing of specification documents

  • Importing and parsing of existing Microsoft Office documents. Export for offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly

  • Exporting for offline collaboration so changes made outside of Polarion can be imported back seamlessly

  • Pass any audit, compliance, or regulatory inspection with traceability that is easily implemented and guaranteed via automatic change control

  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign the specification documents as reviewed or approved before they can be released to production

  • Live Branches and Document Reuse let you manage commonalities in your products without copy and paste

Polarion REQUIREMENTS allows your team to increase collaboration using a 100% browser-based solution, with import and parse functionality for existing Microsoft Office documents.Offline collaboration supports changes made outside of Polarion, which can be imported back seamlessly.

Using Polarion solutions, we are better able to handle the product development process end-to-end, including all documents needed in our complex and cross-linked development systems,” said Werner Motzet, from WaveLight, in the following video testimonial:

It is important for teams in an organization to have access to a collaborative work environment so requirement specifications and artifacts are clearly documented.Trying to document the bare minimum isn’t a realistic activity, especially if regulatory compliance is needed.Relying on requirements management can greatly improve your organization’s competitive advantage.

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