Polarion4U in June – made for Polarion Enthusiasts

Polarion4U is the new interactive broadcast for all people who want to get or share informations related to topics of Polarion on a regular basis.

The biweekly event presents a mixture of already known events:

  • Meet-the-experts (every last friday of the month)
  • Cool Stuff
  • Tech Talks
  • Meet-the-experts for medical devices (every last friday of the month)

We also encourage you to give us inputs for further meetings or even better be an active part.

Save this link to the meeting and join every second week: Polarion4U

Upcoming events in June:

18th of June

Polarion4U – Cool Stuff with Tim Ströbele

Let’s have a closer look at selected scripts and widgets used in SOS template. Even if you do not use SOS template some of the extensions still may be helpful in your projects

  • Custom buttons and menus in work items (form extension)
  • Custom Buttons on top of live pages (widget)
  • Custom tables in work items  (form extensions)
  • Create a baseline via workflow & display baselines in a work item (workflow script + form extension)
  • Other extensions based on interest

Time:   08:30 to 09:30 AM (CEST)

Join:    Click here to join the meeting

25th of June

Polarion4U – Meet the Expert for Variants Management – Robert Hellebrand from pure-systems

In 2012 Robert Hellebrand started research on the topic of feature model-based product line engineering at the Fraunhofer IESE. In 2014 he joined pure-systems where he is leading the technical sales team for the product line engineering tool pure::variants. pure-systems is also a technology provider for the Polarion plugin “Polarion Variants” which is a fully integrated feature model-based product line engineering solution for the systematic reuse of Polarion assets across a family of similar product variants.

Time:   08:30 to 09:30 AM (CEST)

Join:    Click here to join the meeting

25th of June

Polarion4U – Meet the Expert for Medical Devices – avasis

avasis launches new event series “Regulatory meets Digital”. The aim of the new format is to address current challenges in the implementation of regulatory requirements in medical technology and to show how these can be tackled efficiently with digital solutions. Each month, there is a focus topic on which articles, webinars, events and an online discussion round (“Meet-the-Expert for Medical Devices”) are offered on the last Friday of the month.

In June we will focus on the topic of Development Input for Medical Devices

For further information please read the avasis Blog and to join the meeting just jump into the Teams Session below.

Time:   12:00 to 01:00 PM (CEST)

Join:    Click here to join the meeting

Please send your questions for this session in advance to polarion@avasis.biz

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