Polarion Rolls Out Additional LiveReport Widgets

By morrisd

Widget overviewA few months ago I published a blog post introducing our first community created widgets to you. Since then, our community widget library has continued to grow, providing additional features and support to you.

Rolled out in SR2, new widgets were designed to help configure Polarion Plans – adding LiveReports, presenting a massive change to usability.

Nevertheless, the new widgets I want to introduce are usable in both LiveReports and Polarion Plans. Enough for now, lets have a look what kind of widgets have been developed and are available on our extension portal:
Chart switcher widget: Choose what kind of chart you want to visualize on LiveReports


Chart Switcher


Stacked Bar Chart: Stacked Trend Chart of your Polarion data

Stacked Bar Chart


Stacked Run Chart:  Show a stacked bar chart of your Test Run data

Stacked Run chart


2 Level Test Execution Table: 2 Level trace table with test execution details

2 level Test execution table

These new widgets were developed by the strong Polarion community. What’s also nice, these widgets are written in Velocity so they can be downloaded and changed based on your needs.  Let’s hope these widgets will help all other users, and that we will get more of these nice goodies in the near future.

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