Polarion Joins Siemens PLM Software Solution Partner Program

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Today, Polarion is pleased to announce that we have joined the Siemens PLM Partner Program as a Software and Technology Partner. Thisfollows our announcement early this year of the $10 Million Dollar investment  by the wholly-owned venture unit of Siemens AG, which is also a Polarion customer, to make the real-time synchronization of Software engineers with their Electrical- and Mechanical counterparts a reality.

As Ovum Principal Analyst Michael Azoff framed the challenge, “in product development, software changes are far more frequent than hardware changes and keeping track of which firmware belongs to which hardware component turns into a monumental exercise in version tracking and traceability.”

This challenge motivated Siemens to choose Polarion ALM as the ideal Siemens PLM companion, because our solution is uniquely architected to enable the automation of version tracking and traceability spanning all development efforts, in turn streamlining complexity and easing proof of compliance across both firmware and hardware. 

The agreement is the second step on the path to establishing a truly integrated ALM-PLM environment that will provide real-time visibility across all collaborators and enable much more efficient governance throughout intersecting software and hardware lifecycles – a need that is particularly strong among organizations who need to deliver increasingly complex embedded systems effectively in a global context.

Siemens PLM customers can already benefit from Polarion ALM
, taking advantage of the latest web technology and the unified design to accelerate software development efforts, and get set up for even higher visibility that will fundamentally improve their New Product Introduction (NPI) processes, and in turn reduce risk and increase quality, once the integration becomes available.

As Raj Khoshoo, Sr. VP of Strategy Initiatives for Siemens PLM Software put it:

“Polarion ALM is the ideal Siemens Teamcenter companion to converge Software and Product Development tools and talent to accelerate innovation.”

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We look forward to providing you more updates regarding our mission to orchestrate the two lifecycle management disciplines and unlock synergies across previously siloed teams in the near future. Meantime, here are the details of today’s announcement. If you’re intrigued by this announcement and want to find out more, please feel free to contact us.

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