Polarion 2011-SR2 update is released

The Polarion R&D team delivered Service Release 2 (2011-SR2) for all Polarion products. In addition to fixes, usability, and performance improvements, several new features were introduced:

New Features

  • Import from Microsoft Excel: You can now import Excel workbooks containing requirements, test cases, or other types of artifacts, creating Work Items which can then be managed with Polarion. You have the option of importing artifacts as tracker-based Work Items, or Document-based Work Items. You can define custom import rules and save them as Import Configurations for reuse with similar Excel documents on subsequent imports. To see it in action, check out the video tutorial. (Polarion ALM, Polarion REQUIREMENTS)

  • Round-trip for Microsoft Excel: You can now export Work Items to an Excel workbook, controlling which Work Item fields are included in the export, and whether or not they are locked in Excel. Also, you can optionally allow external users to modify the structural hierarchy of Work Items. External users can edit the allowed content, after which you can import the workbook back to Polarion, updating the Work Items in the portal from the changes in the Excel document. (Polarion ALM, Polarion REQUIREMENTS)

  • Interactive Report Pages: A new set of page parameter macros enables page authors to easily create visual fields that let page users input different values and vary the information reported on the page. For example, a page might show a burn-down chart for a sprint. By using the new macros, the author can enable page users to select which sprint. It is even possible to allow page users to make a persistent change in the default value of a page parameter. For details, see the Wiki Syntax Help for the {parameter} and related macros, and the Help topic “Creating Interactive Report Pages”. (Polarion ALM, Polarion Requirements)

  • New Browser Support: Release 2011-SR2 delivers support for Firefox version 5 and version 6. The latest 6.x version is recommended. (All products)

Significant Improvements and Enhancements

The 2011-SR2 release also delivers several often-requested improvements/enhancements to existing functionality:

    • Improved stability of the Document Editor.

    • Unlimited heading levels in Documents, configurable by a new system property, with 9 levels supported by default.

  • Possibility to sort the Work Items Table on Outline Number (when Work Items are Document-based).

  • Custom variables in Wiki pages can be referenced in the PDF header/footer configuration (Administration: Wiki: Export) providing the possibility to conditionally display some value(s) in the header/footer of pages exported to PDF.

  • Improved handling of “rangy error” in Document Editor (most commonly seen when using Internet Explorer). New option for 1-click save and reload of the Document.


A complete listing of all the tracker issues addressed in this release is provided in the resolved_workitems.html file in the root folder of all distribution archives.


The release is currently available on our product download pages:

A note to current customers: be sure to use the Get Update link to obtain the update distribution for your existing Polarion installation.

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