PLM and ALM Integration: The Future Has Arrived

The convergence of ALM and PLM is no longer just a vision of the future. We’re excited to announce the first release of an integration of Polarion ALM with Siemens Teamcenter.

Close collaboration between Siemens PLM and Polarion Software R&D teams has delivered the first generally available PLM-ALM integration piece that addresses major use cases highly demanded by industry today.

Intense interaction with Polarion ALM and Siemens Teamcenter users, who use the respective solutions in their daily development of Automotive, Aerospace, Electronic, Medical, Industrial and Mechanical devices, helped the R&D teams to define, refine and specifythe key use cases to address in this first release.

Use Cases Addressed by Polarion ALM – Siemens Teamcenter Integration 1.0

Integrated Requirements Management:

Details of RM integration in Polarion ALM-Siemens Teamcenter Integration

Enable traceability discovery to all levels:

Details of traceability in Polarion ALM-Siemens Teamcenter Integration

Integrated Software Change Management:

Details software change management in Polarion ALM-Siemens Teamcenter Integration

 Closed-loop Embedded Systems and Software:

Details of Closed-loop Embedded Systems and Software in Polarion ALM-Siemens Teamcenter Integration

How to Learn More

The integration works with Polarion ALM 2015 and Teamcenter 10.1.4.
It is a separately licensed product, fully configurable to meet diverse user needs. To learn more about licensing and pricing, please contact us.

For a more detailed look into the integration, download our free PDF “Introduction to Polarion ALM – Siemens Teamcenter Integration, version 1.0”.

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