On-Demand: Software Development to Boost IoT Innovation

In case you missed our recent webinar, “Developing to Maximize the IoT Revolution,” the complimentary on-demand recording is now available for you to view.

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During the webinar, hear from Mike Borse, Polarion Software Product Manager, and Jim Ferranti, Software Specialist for Polarion Software, as they speak about the following topics:

    • Current IoT landscape
    • IoT challenges facing developers
    • How Polarion ALM can help

During the second part of the webinar, watch as Mr. Ferranti gave a live demo of Polarion ALM to webinar attendees.

Both embedded development teams and device manufacturers are facing challenges as software code enhances products.

Despite the lure of great rewards, it’s difficult to efficiently meet current IoT demands – while predicting what will happen in the future, as precious resources and time investments cannot spiral out of control.

The use of Polarion ALM, a 100% unified browser-based solution, helps cut operating costs, reduce IT operational ability, and provide full traceability.

Using Polarion, organizations are able to address changing business needs that are now seeing software serve as a ubiquitous component of the development lifecycle. Allow us to be your guide as your organization navigates challenging IoT complexities – and we’ll show you why thousands of embedded software engineers have chosen Polarion.

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