Next time someone asks – "What's Polarion?" – you have a fast easy answer

By marc.detmers

Next time you’re on a plane or train, or chatting at a conference, and you mention this great application lifecycle management solution your company uses now, and the other person says “Polarion? What’s that?”… just point them to this new 2-minute video for a quick look at the benefits of the unified nature of our platform.

Polarion continues to build on our unique ability to unify the entire application lifecycle via one purpose-built solution. The customer value we provide with this unification goes far beyond a mere integration of Requirements and Quality Management environments, and has proven to give our customers a significant competitive advantage.

“A big advantage of Polarion is its open platform that allows tailoring it to your own processes quite easily.” –Sebastian Bejga, T-Systems International


Polarion REQUIREMENTS Fact Sheet Polarion QA Fact Sheet Polarion ALM Fact Sheet

Polarion REQUIREMENTS Fact Sheet| Polarion QA Fact Sheet | Polarion ALM Fact Sheet

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