New Polarion Template Smooths the Road to DO-178C Compliance

by Andy Holton, Systems Engineer, Polarion Professional Services

DO-178C Project TemplatePolarion Software has released a new project template to help aerospace customers both control and document their process to achieve DO-178C compliance, and to have the structures in place to prove compliance.

Polarion is a recognized ALM leader for high compliance industries due to its ability to provide full end-to-end traceability, the world class change tracking and configuration management tools, and unique document management features including Polarion LiveDocs™ and Round-Trip for Microsoft Word. Combined with the document and report templates included in the new DO-178C project template, Polarion makes it much easier to document and enforce your existing processes, manage your deliverables, and prove traceability, coverage, and independence compliance.

Let me give you a brief look at several key benefits of Polarion and the DO-178C template.

Full end-to-end traceability

Polarion’s best-of-breed linking tools enable project teams to establish full traceability from the highest system level requirement all the way down to single commits of source code. With fully customizable link roles and Work Item types, traceability coverage is easily established throughout your project… and even across multiple projects (e.g. different projects for requirements and test cases). The new template includes several Traceability Reports to help show all coverage throughout your project.

Fully customizable workflow

Polarion’s fully customizable workflow engine can be configured to match your current processes, and can help monitor and enforce compliance with the processes in place. Establishing workflows in Polarion can help ensure that your team is complying with the procedures in your documentation.

Polarion LiveDoc Documents

Eliminate untraceable documents through the use of Polarion’s unique LiveDoc online documents, and Work Items (individual artifacts managed with workflow and tracked throughout the project lifecycle). Polarion LiveDocs are completely granular, and provide the ease-of-use of an office document-based requirements management system, with the traceability that comes from tracking individual Work Items. The new DO-178C template includes pre-built document templates for all required deliverables, and embedded Work Items make it easy to provide granular traceability even within specification and other kinds of documents.

Editable Report Pages

Polarion’s fully editable report pages help keep you informed about your project at all times. The DO-178C template includes reports for requirements traceability and coverage, independence reports for level A and B projects, and DO-178C process objectives checklists. In addition to the included reports, any user can create new reports for exactly what they want to see.

Screenshot image
The DO-178C template provides a number of useful read-made traceability reports

Where to get it

This template is available on the Polarion POP Extensions portal: DO-178C Project Template. This template extension is certified and supported by Polarion Software and is free for Polarion customers using version 2013 or later.

Editor’s Note: Andy Holton presents a great webinar on DO-178C compliance using Polarion. Check it out:

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