New open source Subversion training released

By Timothy Stroebele

We’ve just released an updated version of our open source project SubTrain, our highly appreciated SVN training tool for new and advanced Subversion users and admins. In terms of downloads, it gets far less some of our other open source projects such as the 750,000 users of Subversive; but in terms of customer feedback – SubTrain is loved for its clarity of content, complete coverage of the most important topics, and efficient delivery!

Everyone agrees that SubTrain is a great Subversion training solution that helps cut migration and training costs. Why does Polarion invest time and money in SubTrain and provide it free to the world, when our competitors charge for such quality courseware?

Strategically speaking, the target markets of Polarion are among the most intense users of software. We know first hand the migration of our target market away from legacy proprietary software, and their mass adoption of SVN in order to leverage the advantages provided by open source. These same organizations interact well with Polarion and are receptive to Polarion ALM, Requirements, and Track & Wiki which are all based on SVN. Based on positive experience with our open source projects: Subversive, SubTrain, SVN Importer, and others, these organizations know they can depend upon the quality of Polarion products and our domain expertise to help them shed the handcuffs imposed by legacy proprietary code.

Tactically speaking, SubTrain is a “loss-leader. Polarion delivers Open Source software products to create market presence and opportunities for Polarion commercial products and the professional services of our partners. Strategically and tactically, our customers, our open source communities, and Polarion benefit from SubTrain and our open source business model.

If you haven’t seen the new SubTrain update, please take a look as it is signifies our continued commitment to the Subversion open source community, and exemplifies the SVN expertise which is part of our Polarion DNA. The new release provides:

  • Subversion 1.6 compliance

  • Complete redesign of all slides including the new polar bear mascot

  • Prepared exercises including scripts to prepare the correct starting point for a student

  • New sections in SVN Admin Training on svn replication and upgrade

Special features for different SVN versions are highlighted in the slides via symbols . For example:

SVN 1.6 Flag
SVN 1.6 Flag

Get it now!

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