New "Boss Convincer" now online

You’ve been looking at Polarion Requirements. You’re excited about the potential for improving life for your Requirements Management team and your organization. You’re ready to approach your management with a proposal. But you’re dreading it because someone is sure to use the “R” word – “What do you think would be our ROI on that?”

Good news… you don’t need to sweat over spreadsheets and try to figure it out. We’ve done the sweating for you, and the result is our new Polarion Requirements Online ROI Calculator. Just input your current costs for people in different roles, select the improvement level you’d like to achieve, click the button, and put the numbers… and they’re going to be impressive numbers… into your proposal.

The new ROI Calculator is similar to the Polarion ALM ROI Calculator that we’ve had online for some time . (Read more about it…) But this one is streamlined to focus on Requirements Management. We think you’ll find it a handy Boss Convincer. If you’re still hesitant after using the calculator, we’d be happy to help you out. Our team has plenty of experience in this line. (The bosses of over 750,000 Polarion users worldwide have already been convinced!) Just get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to make sure the right people in your company understand why Polarion Requirements is the right solution for you.

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