Managing an Important Requirement: Vacation!

Summer means vacations. When you have more than a couple of people working on a project, juggling everyone’s vacation schedule is a headache for project managers. They have to email or talk to everybody, plug the dates into some tool like a calendar or spreadsheet, and figure out if it all fits or not. Wouldn’t it be easier to use the same tool the team is already plugged into? If that tool is Polarion, you’re good to go.

Polarion not only helps you to manage your Requirements, Test Cases and Defects… it’s so flexible you can even use it to manage your organization’s vacation planning!

With the help of this new project template, Vacation Administration and Approval Project Template, you can:

  • Always see how many days you’ve got left in your active Vacation Plan

  • Request Vacation online using Polarion and get immediate feedback from your boss.

  • Use Polarion’s easy approvals feature to confirm or deny vacation requests

  • Restrict access to your vacation by using separate spaces for each user

  • (Optional) Get automated Gmail-Calendar entries for each vacation Request

Here’s how the workflow looks:

Included are detailed installation instructions & How-To guide.


The Vacation Administration and Approval Project Template is FREE and available now on the Polarion POP Extensions site:

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