Increase Productivity using Polarion Connector for Salesforce

Fully integrated ALM with CRM provides enhanced value to your organization and its customer base. IMHO, here are the key reasons you should be using an integrated system:

  • Improved transparency by linking information throughoutthe software development lifecycle.

  • Improved workflow will provide productivity increases and in turn bring about better implementations.

  • The ability to deliver faster with reduced development cycles.

  • Experiencea new level of customer satisfaction through adoption ofdevelopment best practices that align with customer requirements.

Not only will the above benefits improve your overall software development lifecycle, but product and customer satisfaction should improve with increased collaboration between customer support and development. Polarion has bridged this gap by providing an integration between Polarion ALM and Salesforce with our newly published Polarion Connector for Salesforce. The extension is available free for a limited time.

Screenshot: Polarion extension for Salesforce

This is the first in a series of blog articles that I will publish in reference to ALMand the goal of continuous and complete integration.

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