Hope You Enjoyed Medconf 2015 Alongside Polarion Software

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming Medconf medical conference in Germany.  Teamed up with Sven Wittorf, one of our partners from Medsoto, we were able to offer an exciting presentation.  It’s always a great opportunity to work with our valued partners to help share knowledge with conference attendees.

Our presentation was about typical collaboration issues companies might have when developing medical software while working with subcontractors. Sven listed these points and my contribution was to convince attendees how using Polarion’s solutions could help improve collaboration.

I’ve attached a few of the slides, but unfortunately, the rest of the slide deck is only available in German.

Medical Process template for Polarion Traditional Sprint Board  Polarion Sprint Backlog  Process documentation in Polrion

The conference was successful – and a lot of fun – with our staff receiving great feedback from the audience. Our presentation was voted in the top three, a highly satisfying result for us because of the efforts involved.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d be more than happy to share information on how we can help your organization improve collaboration boundaries among your employees.







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