Give your boss $10,000

By palomor

What would your boss say if you handed over $10,000 worth of Polarion licenses? Would you get to keep the spiffy new Apple iPad that goes with it? You’ll never know unless you enter the

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Win an Apple iPad and $10K in Polarion Licenses

There’s no time to lose: get cracking on the slickest, most electrifying Polarion extension you can think of  (maybe it’s time to share that one you’ve already written?) and enter it in the Polarion POP Challenge 2010.  It’s the first-ever event of its kind, so there’s every chance you could come out Top Dog. Even if you come out Second Dog you’ll take home an Apple iPod Touch for you, and $5000 in Polarion software licenses for your company.

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Everybody wins

Of course not everybody who competes in the Olympics takes the gold, and not every entry in the POP Challenge will take the prizes. But every entry will be published on the Polarion POP Portal and will gain you recognition as one of the experts in the fast-growing Polarion community. Even if you don’t enter at all, you can still win because some really useful and time-saving extensions are sure to come out of this contest and one of them might just be something that will help you get the gold with your development. So help us spread the word on your favorite site:
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P.S. If you win the $10K and your boss doesn’t let you keep the iPad… you must be working with this guy:

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