Forrester Research Shares Agile Requirements and Testing Best Practice for Regulated Industries

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Forrester’s Principal Analyst and Vice President, Diego Lo Giudice, recently collaborated with Polarion on an exceptionally well received webinar titled “Agile Requirements And Testing For Continuous Software Delivery” (now available online… details at the end of this post).

In his presentation on October 30, 2014, Diego shared valuable information on modern application delivery trends and how they can be applied to the complex development challenges in regulated industries. He set the stage by stipulating that compliance and complexity represent a hurdle, but not a barrier, to successful agile development practices, and that such practices are becoming mission critical to enable innovation at ever accelerating speed across the board.

Logo: Forrester Research, Inc.In fact, 2014 Forrester survey results shared by Diego substantiate that Agile methodology adoption is growing across engineering organizations worldwide, with 41.7% of 637 global software developers indicating that it is the “methodology that most closely reflects the development processes currently in use.”

Furthermore, according to the findings, DevOps or Agile all the way through is growing, resulting in the following top three benefits:

  • One lifecycle and streamlined process, where everyone is involved in releasing business value

  • Shared goals, where operations and development connected on business goals

  • Tooling that integrates, representing huge opportunities for process automation

Polarion is well architected to deliver on those benefits. Our solutions have proven to enable organizations to align collaborators via customizable processes that get teams up and running quickly, via real-time transparency that unifies them around business goals, and via workflow automation that accelerates time to market while protecting quality and compliance.

Diego expands from those benefits into details around his proposition that agile compliance is not an oxymoron, and that emerging technologies simplify integration complexity and enable agile, and then goes into best practice specifics.

You can learn all about Diego’s recommendations in our latest free recorded webinar.

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